Non-Toxic Natural Oil

“Non-toxic Natural Oil – Caring for your wooden floors and the environment”

You sand your wooden floors to uncover their natural beauty. So why cover them in an unnatural finish? Thanks to our non-toxic natural oil finish, you can transform your floors as nature intended. Safe for your family as well as the environment, it’s the natural way to bring out the beauty in your floors.

Non-toxic natural Oil – The safe choice in Brisbane

At Qsand, we don’t believe you should have to sacrifice your health, or the environment for beautiful timber floors. That’s why we offer a natural, non-toxic oil finish.

Made from sustainable, naturally sourced ingredients like sunflower, wood and linseed oils, Lobasol Impact Oil is solvent, lead, phenol and oxime free. Unlike traditional finishes, it’s also low in Volatile Organic Compounds (the emissions released from household products like cleaning agents, paint and finishes) – so there are no nasty odours or vapours to inhale.

Safe for children, pets, asthma and allergy sufferers, it’ll transform your floors without compromising the health of your family.

Non-toxic natural oil – The hard wearing choice in Brisbane

Think a non-toxic, natural oil finish won’t protect your floors like a traditional finish can? Think again. Perfect for hardwood and parquet floors, Lobasol Impact Oil is the hard wearing, natural choice your floors need.

Designed for floors subject to extremely heavy wear, a non-toxic, natural oil finish is guaranteed to go the distance. Water resistant and anti-slip, it’s fit for use throughout your entire home – including high humidity rooms like your bathroom and kitchen.

Non-toxic natural oil – The easy choice in Brisbane

Quick to apply and dry, a non-toxic, natural oil finish makes transforming your timber floors fast and easy. Troweled on and then burnished into the timber, it takes no longer to apply than any other finish. Resulting in a natural, satin like appearance, it’s the easy choice when quality and speed are of the essence.

Non-toxic natural oil – Transforming your floors – the natural way

Want to know more about how to transform your floors with a non-toxic, natural oil finish? Then call Mark on 3846 7263 – he can provide you with a quote over the phone, arrange an on-site visit and answer any questions you may have.

Click here to download the Maintanence for Loba HS 2K Impact Oil


"Each day I like my newly sanded and polished recycled pine flooring more and more. They feel like luxury to walk on. Mark has managed to capture the history of the old boards and magnify their shine. Moreover, the job was done cleanly and very efficiently and reflected their many years experience."
Michael Hargreaves

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